The Best Coconut Oil Smoothies

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Coconut oil smoothies have tons of nutritional benefits in just a small serving, thanks to this superfood!

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When used in a smoothie, this healthy fat breaks down carbs from the fruits to provide you with longer-lasting energy without a sugar crash.

Use coconut oil to make coconut oil smoothies, as well as in baking, and cooking. This lush oil adds richness to your morning blend and helps prevent the mid-morning hunger pangs.

I enjoy adding superfoods to my smoothies to improve their nutritional value, and most you can’t even taste. Avocados, almonds, flaxseed, hemp hearts, and chia seeds are all simple superfood boosters with outstanding health advantages.

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Why You Should Add Coconut Oil To Your Smoothie

First, coconut oil has a ton of health benefits and is used by the body as an excellent source of fuel to increase metabolism.

Secondly, the body’s natural detoxification process improves with increased metabolism, meaning it enhances the effectiveness of our immune system.

Thirdly, the natural components in coconut oil also have the ability to eradicate parasites, fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

And lastly, It works as a potent antioxidant to defend the body from harmful free radicals created by the pollutants in our surrounding environment.

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So why not add a bit of coconut oil to your smoothie, and take advantage of all the healthy goodness for your body?

Prevent Coconut Oil From Clumping In Smoothies

Sometimes coconut oil can clump when it is used in a smoothie. This is because coconut oil hardens when it gets cold. When this happens, your smoothie might not blend thoroughly with frozen or cold components.

To avoid coconut oil clumping, you can use liquid coconut oil and pour it slowly into the blender as your smoothie is blending.

Be aware that studies have recently shown coconut oil contains high levels of hydrogenated fats. If you’re trying to limit these fats or have cholesterol or heart concerns, limit the number of coconut oil smoothies you have each week to one or two at the most. Or use the liquid coconut oil instead.

How Much Coconut Oil Should I Add To My Smoothie?

You should add around one tablespoon of liquid coconut oil to your smoothies along with 3/4 cup of coconut water, unsweetened almond milk, or other liquid.

If you prefer to use MCT oil instead of coconut oil, then use one tablespoon along with 3/4 cup of your favorite liquid.

MCT oil is made from medium-chain triglycerides, which are said to aid the digestive system. It’s typically a refined coconut or palm kernel oil, and some people swear it helps with inflammation and weight loss.

What Ingredients Go Well With Coconut Oil?

Actually, you can add just about any ingredient to your coconut oil smoothies. Tropical fruits like pineapple, bananas, mango, and papaya are excellent choices.

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You can also use any berry (i.e., blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, or blackberry). And you can also add a tablespoon of your favorite nut butter like almond or peanut butter if you want an added flavor.

Seeds and nuts are also good additions to coconut oil smoothies, as are various types of greens including spinach and kale.

Below are some of my favorite coconut oil smoothie recipes that you can try, then go ahead and create your own special blend!

Just click on the recipe titles below, and see what inspires you for your next amazing morning smoothie.

Coconut Oil Smoothies You Need To Try:

Pineapple And Banana Coconut Oil Smoothie

This recipe uses pineapple, banana, and coconut water to create a tasty and healthful tropical smoothie. It tastes like a pina colada and is delectable!

Strawberry, Banana & Coconut Oil Smoothie

Here is a delicious recipe with banana, strawberries, coconut oil, and an optional vanilla protein powder. Talk about a nutritional powerhouse that tastes as good as it is for you!

Strawberry & Coconut Smoothie

You will definitely enjoy this super satisfying vegan strawberry coconut smoothie! It is packed with fruit and contains chia seeds for a nutritious boost. This refreshing smoothie provides lots of energy, and will keep you moving for the day. And it’s delicious and dairy-free.

Coconut Oil Smoothie

Try this coconut oil smoothie with kale and fresh pineapple for a nutrient-dense treat. This smoothie can increase your metabolism and endurance, which is fantastic for people who are going to exercise or spend the day chasing after little children.

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Turmeric Ginger Smoothie With Coconut Oil

This robust turmeric ginger smoothie is made with six effective ingredients that’s perfect for for boosting nutrition! It also contains chia seeds and coconut milk, which are two great sources of antioxidants. It’s sweet and spicy, and will jump-start your system in no time.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Coconut Smoothie

This protein-rich smoothie makes for a  wonderful quick breakfast or snack! The ingredients include bananas, peanut butter, nut milk, and also chocolate protein powder. This combination creates a tasty and healthy drink, in addition to being great for nursing moms too!

Make Your Own Coconut Oil Smoothie Recipe

You can also make up your own coconut oil smoothie recipe! Use one tablespoon of coconut oil (or coconut oil liquid) in a blender, and add 3/4 of a cup of your favorite liquid. Add ingredients (like fruit, nut butter, protein powder, seeds, and/or greens).

Blend and serve, and enjoy!

best coconut oil smoothies by blend and serve

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